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Bio silky Pillow

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  • MaterialURETHANE,Bio material
  • Size550 * 350 * 90 mm
  • Weight800 g

[Shinyang tech co Ltd]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information


BIO Silky Pillow


│ Description │

* Improved memory foam and latex
* Grafted a well-being function onto a bio property

│ Function │

* Excellent elasticity
* Induces sound sleep
* Maintains a head and a neck in a C-shape
* antibiotic and releases anions and far-infrared radiation
* Prevents an atopic disease
* Removes odor of sweat from a head
* Alleviates frozen shoulder.
* Alleviates snoring
* No washing needed-no germs or odor

│ Company introduction │


Established small-quantity production of multi-items in the fields of soundproof, dustproof, insulator by developing automobile engines, transmission, battery soundproof and insulator.

Shinyang Tech Co., Ltd. manufactures and provides gasket and PAD in soundproof•dustproof field of automobile, machinery, electronic parts and construction parts, with such procedures of pressing, taping, thermoforming, vacuum forming and cool forming according to usage of each parts of industrial machineries by using polymer material properties and ingredients of CR, EPDM, PE, EVA PU FOAM.

With continuous technology development by using various sponge-kind materials, we constantly try hard on development of various products and materials as applying polymer materials, such as automobile transmission soundproof cover, and synaron, the tile-type soundproof material, and lumbar support for disc. The reason of polymer expanding its area to overall industry is because it contains specialties of shock resistance, oilproof, elasticity, stability, sound absorption, and insulation. By applying these characteristics, we manufacture multiple products but small quantity with the know-how of manufacturing and supplying accorded to the specialties of entire industrial materials.